About Linda

As a child, I took painting lessons from Mrs. Edwards, a British grandma whose husband served tea and scones at each lesson. From then on, the aromatic combination of oil paint and Earl Gray has held my attention, along with a compulsion to capture the elegance of light as it interacts with the world.

I explore the connections between the old /new and the ordinary/sublime in my work, mostly painting and collage. My love for antiquity, light and color mixes with my desire to be unique. I strive to employ recycled materials whenever possible while resisting the natural compulsion to be a pack rat.

Works include realistic interpretations of interiors, landscapes and figures. I also create pet portraits, sculptures and functional painted items because it all feeds the process.

One thought on “About Linda

  1. I’m fortunate because I’m surrounded by her artwork and have the pleasure of watching her apply her creative talents during the process.

    Love you and your work!!


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